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Along with running your business we have found there is a great need to Market your business efficiently in a targeted cost effective manner to maximize conversion ratios as well as reducing overheads. 

Personally we avidly network on line, in person as well as attending events to maximize our exposure at least three or four times a week. We are aware that some SME’s have no time, or are e not confident enough to represent themselves at Networking events.  

Also to belong to all the groups necessary to gain good referrals and new business can cost anything between £500 - £1200 per annum for each group you join and sometimes more.

We will put you in touch with the people and businesses you need to progress your business further.

I am therefore inviting you to join my growing network of SME’s that I represent when I attend networking events. I will attend as I do now and refer business contacts to you that I acquire on line or at events that I feel may be beneficial to your business to save or make you money.

 ABC Networking monthly subscriptions start from as little as £30pcm for basic  networking service and if you refer new members to us on any of our services your costs will reduce by 10% for each new member you find me that stays with ABC for 6 months or more. 

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Our Offices also supply all the support services to assist your Business when and where required at very reasonable rates. We will compile the best monthly package for your business saving you time and money in running your back office requirements.

These services are particularly useful for SME’s working from Home as well as established businesses.

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